The recent Woodstock City Council Candidate Forum did not allow time enough to elaborate on several issues that are important to me and our community. With that in mind, I offer the following thoughts for consideration:


For over 40 years, our marketing communication firm has served local, regional, national & multi-national organizations.  In 1978, the year I established my practice, one city council candidate was 7 years old. One was 10. Another was 11. And, one was yet to be born, eleven years later. I offer this observation in good humor, but it is nonetheless worthy of consideration since our City Council members are, in effect, Woodstock’s Board of Directors.  Business experience will prove to be critically important as we manage the City’s income, that comes from tax payers, amounting to over 31 Million dollars annually.

In brief, over the course four decades working with sophisticated professionals, across extremely diverse lines of business, I have developed a level of creativity and business acumen that will allow me to contribute to the future of Woodstock, both financially and culturally.

Regarding the “Real” Woodstock Tourism Campaign; thus far an astonishing $791,667.00 has been spent on the campaign. Most residents will be stunned to learn that amount of taxpayer dollars has failed to produce tangible results, as evidenced by the dozen, or more, empty store fronts on or near the Square. More troublesome is the fact the virtually every dollar of that amount was spent with firms located in Chicago, not Woodstock.

Regarding the Old Courthouse, I am the only candidate to offer a realistic, financially viable, self-funding plan for the long-term use of the Old Courthouse Complex. We have developed a comprehensive plan that will transform the Old Courthouse complex into the Woodstock Visual & Performing Arts Academy, patterned after the Savanah College of Art & Design and the Jansan Art Center, located in Lynden, Washington. Our plan will further enhance our community’s reputation as McHenry County’s cultural center.

I welcome conversations with voters interested in learning more about our vision for the future of Woodstock.

I can be reached at 815.337.2037. Or, stop by our studio at 129 East South Street


Michael Stanard

Candidate for the Woodstock City Council